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Cleaner Air is Good for Business

A Whole-Office Wellness Solution

Improve productivity and your bottom line.

The indoor air quality of a working environment can have adverse effects on thinking, health, and productivity.

Studies have found that workers in buildings with optimum air quality have reduced symptoms related to exposure to fine particle pollution. This results in many benefits:

  • Lower rates of absenteeism
  • Significant increases in worker productivity

Lower Ventilation Rates

Installing IAQ Technologies allow for reduction in outdoor air ventilation rates while improving occupant health and productivity.

Greater Energy Savings

Purifies indoor air at the same time providing energy-efficient ventilation, reducing energy consumption and costs.

Better control of indoor temps

Measures and maintains temperature and humidity levels for greater comfort and performance of occupants.

Neutralizes Indoor Pathogens

Eliminates infectious pathogens, sanitizing the air and surfaces from bacteria, tested viruses, and germs.*

Reduces Biological Growth

Removes airborne mold and inhibits the growth of collected mold spores on filters and HVAC coils.*

Increases Filter Performance

Improves air filtration effectiveness, increasing air filter efficiency by over 200%.

*To view test reports on specific contaminants and performance levels of PuriFi, please visit: PuriFiLabs/test-reports/.

PuriFi lowers operational costs, improving a building’s performance.

  • Optimizes outside air, reducing energy costs
  • Increases efficiency of air filters by over 200%
  • Scalable solutions from 1 to 100 sensors
  • Easily added to existing air duct paths

Commercial Solutions

PuriFi has custom solutions for various commercial applications.

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