About Us

PuriFi Labs has spent more than a decade perfecting the technology behind whole-building air and surface purification.

PuriFi Labs brings together decades of expertise in air purification, automated control systems, IoT (internet of things), and multiple projects completed for NASA and the United States Department of Defense. By combining our broad range of capabilities and expertise, PuriFi Labs has been able to deliver the highest performing indoor air purification technology ever invented.

As part of our commitment to finding better solutions, we have developed the newest in revolutionary air purification technology. PuriFi is a whole-building air purification system that attacks indoor air problems at the source. Our patented bi-polar cold plasma blend of powerful ions break down air and surface contaminants, oxidizing viruses and bacteria, neutralizing odors while driving particles out of the air.

PuriFi Lab’s patented technology was rigorously researched and tested in commercial and residential applications for more than two years before being made available to consumers. This intelligent, responsive air quality management system combines the most sophisticated sensors with the latest air purification technology to purify indoor air of particles containing allergens, pathogens, odors, smoke, and mold*. Reduced particulate levels are proven on in-room laser particle counters. PuriFi is the only air and surface purification system of its kind willing to show you how it’s working in real-time.


*To view third-party test reports and specific performance levels of PuriFi, please visit: PuriFiLabs/test-reports/.